honest onion jam – soul food that makes you cry…

Slicing 10kg onions is something best left to,.... anyone else!

The picture looks deceptively simple. It just sliced onion right?

Well, once they’re peeled and sliced and salted for hours, rinsed, drained and then dried, they’re already like close relatives on holiday – too much and hard to bear!


At least they’re ready for the pot, the spices (cloves and allspice berries) are wrapped in a coarse cloth and thrown in.


Thankfully, Caraway seeds smell fantastic as it all comes to the boil, I know Caraway is a very polarising flavour, but it’s possibly the only better smell than fresh cooked bread in the kitchen!

WOW! a few hours of a steady boil really change that colour, it’s thickening up all the time into some kind of glossy perfection.

I’m thinking about pastrami, jarlsberg with toasted rye sandwich 🙂






Nearly Ready!!

It’s really hard to explain just how much sweetness can come from these onions, the onion pungency and odour is completely transformed into “..where’s the Red Wine and Cheese!…

It’s hard for us to think of any main meal, any steak, snag, burger, roast – or cheese, .. or vegetable, .. or bread, or… – that doesn’t love Onion Jam! We only just started bottling into 1 litre jars, because some of our customers keep taking two and three jars at every opportunity.

A firm humble house favorite! Want to try? Get your ONION JAM here.

anyhow, until the next batch comes up, we got a lot of handkerchiefs to wash,

Humble thanks to Sally Wise for inspiration, Sue Clarkin for enthusiasm!

2 thoughts on “honest onion jam – soul food that makes you cry…

  1. Like relatives on holiday…. haha – love it!

    Is that the same onion Jam like the jar I took home? If so, are you saying there is no added sugar to the brew? Amazing!

    • Hi MeMock! onions are sweet, but they need a lot of help with getting sweeter, and thicker, and jammier. yes, there is plenty o’ sugar in there! We just meant that you can really taste onion flavour in this jam. regards w+r

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