The pace of the modern world is leaving increasingly few ways to pass on information. It sounds silly doesn’t it, with me writing on this website and all! But when did you last learn how to take care of your families needs from the Television? When did the internet ever show you the finer points of doing anything? Hands on important stuff – it’s a dying format of learning. I know this because it’s how Rachel and I learn best. The chances that are created to learn from those more experienced than us, have been our most prized moments on our journey in food and agriculture. Yes, we’ve been known to drop tools and rush like lunatics to go learn a skill for an afternoon! And similarly, for what little we can offer, we love to stop for a moment and take the time with anyone, who wants to learn more of what we’re up to.

That’s what this page is for. Our learning, your learning, If we do it all together it’s bound to be a whole lot more fun!

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