Fresh Produce

It’s all about the food!

When the end of each day comes, Rachel and I, we want to be in our Garden. We dont mind being knackered, the fatigue of a good days work is a simple pleasure for us. In the rain or scorching heat, the quiet moment amongst the fruits of honest labours – it fills our cup! It’s energizing, encouraging and lets a little hope grow. We’re hoping that theres a kind of legacy to all this, that it’s a positive one, that it’s contagious and tasty to our families, friends and community.

Fresh honest garden produce – the lifeblood of HUMBLE HOUSE!


Have you ever…. seen a rotary plow??

Subtract dirt, divide buds, multiply crowns, it all adds up to a robust Rhubarb economy..

You don’t always appreciate what you have, until it’s gone…