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Certain tools are appropriate. How often does the perception of Small-Farming get portrayed as  “pitchfork and spade” technology?? Well, if you want to get your hands dirty, that’s fine, but lets not get blisters! If you feel you need to put your back into it, are radishes and cabbages worth any injury? Of course not! which scares me, especially in an age where whole generations were brought up on food made with extremely high horsepower machinery and giants of industrial enterprise. Even our most active people aren’t always equipped with the physical rhythms and mental strength to finish a full day of honest farm-work in a safe fashion; –
The no. 1 rule, of natural growing: ECONOMY! Expend less energy, work within the environment with tools that suit the context of the job. Mimic natural process for natural food.
Check out these tools page posts. I hope these concepts offer real help in staying effective and productive as Small-Farmers.

Regards, – Wade

Have you ever…. seen a rotary plow??

Lets get to basics! – with a little hi-tech..

Broadforks save backs!