Two New Products! Check this out!

Allow us to introduce two new products to our line-up!

Quince Conserve

For two years we’ve been securing enough quinces to make this a worthwhile offering. It’s passed the family and friends test time and time again! Have a look at the colour!

Find your QUINCE CONSERVE here!

Feijoa chutney

Feijoas have a really versatile flavour to build upon. Finding recipes that make the best of this fruit has been hard, But we’ve found it! Thanks to Nikki in New Zealand, for sharing this stunning recipe! It’s on the shelves now, and is rapidly finding its way into lots of good easy meals around here. It’s a peppery spicy fruit chutney, with some fig and raisins to mellow and add depth. It’s not so hard to turn a traditional favorite into a spectacular one!


Going to good homes soon!

Thanks for having a look at our brand new offerings! If you want to know more please contact Rachel and Wade – we’ll share recipes, talk serving ideas, chat over flavour combinations, or even just say:

“Thanks for your support!”

good food is everyones right!

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