NEW PRODUCT! Spiced Eggplant Pickle

Rachel and Wade are pleased to present a real triumph of persistence!

Spiced Eggplant Pickle

This pickle might just be a permanent replacement around here for all those salty sandwich meats!

We’ve tried all kinds of recipes, since the start of last eggplant season months ago, to highlight the texture and flavour of Eggplant. And to keep the result in our ‘fridge-favorites’ through the whole year! To give credit where it’s due, this final result has been based on the the recipe of Christine Manfields’ book ‘STIR’. We’ve changed only a small part of the balance of spices, making it a little less intimidating in the chilli department, and modified the texture to be a little more, spoonable. I can tell you all that you were all very lucky not to be around on our very first attempts, sometimes when such potent spices are involved, the professional guidance of spice cooking specialists, like Ms Manfield are well worth sourcing!

Without further ado, here it is!

and then there’s the story, in pictures.

When on a sandwich, the texture of the eggplant has a real meaty bite that keeps you chewing, while, the spiced sauces spread thin and add a soulful layer of warmth to bread and salads.

It’s delicious on a cracker, it makes simple rice and cous-cous a feast in itself!

We’ve found the recipe for our family!, We hope it can be a part of yours!

Please consider “STIR” by Christine Manfield. It’s a book that makes spices accessible and the recipes that build on them are simple to follow and family friendly! (We were actually trying to make a Green Marsala Paste, when we first tried this recipe, but it was late at night and it probably took an hour before we cottoned on. We sure felt like twits!!)

Thanks for checking this out!

Wade & Rachel

Find your hand-grown, lovingly made SPICED EGGPLANT PICKLE here!




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