6 thoughts on “Broadfork availability.

  1. Hello,
    Interested in buying a 7 tinned broadfork.
    Please let me know when there is one available to buy.

    • Hi David!
      My machinist had a heart attack, and so the delay on getting new tines manufactured has been, well,.. variable!..
      I’m assured that we’ll have them within the next 10 days or so, and once heat-treated, we’re back on!
      I’ll update the post once we’re in full swing again! ok??

  2. Hi

    I am interested in a broad fork . We have heavy hard clay it sets like concrete when it dries out. I have managed to get 4 beds 2m x 5m going over the past 15 months but it’s backbreaking toil using spade & garden fork. I have good quality Spear & Jackson tools but it’s still hard going.
    Here in Tamworth it goes from unworkable glue to concrete in about a week after rain
    I think a broad fork would help
    Do I need 5 tine or 7 tine?
    How is delivery at the moment?
    Yours sincerely

  3. Hi Wade,
    Can you put me down for a 7 tined broad fork:) I could possibly come and collect it when its ready? I would be interested to visit the farm if possible?

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